Europan 2Charleroi

Category: Industrial Sites


Along the river Sambre, in west-Charleroi, a 3,9 hectare site not far (only 500 metres) from the town centre finds itself in a zone that is particularly affectes by the phenomenon of de-industrialisation. Land commandeered by the iron and steel industry in the 19th century has been abandoned at the end of the 20th. It is land that is accessible by road, rail and water, and is also centrally placed in relation to the urban plan. The authorities have chosen to study the inclusion of housing, shops, offices and leisure activities.


Functions and territory
Luigi Bertazzoni(IT).

fonctions et territoires 1

Stretched out along the banks of the river Sambre, the program plays upon three functions for three urban scales. A band of housing for the district, an office tower for the town and a museum for the region. These elements are connected to one another by a complex combination of public spaces.

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