Europan's objective is to assist the young architects of Europe in developing their ideas and disseminating them on strategic sites proposed by municipalities or developers.
The general topic of Europan, European urbanity, answers to a demand of European citizens. «Urbanity» is a common way of living the city but also a will to reflect upon the heterogeneity of its forms related to the diversity of uses, and to create public spaces to favour encounters among people in places they share.
Today, Europan takes place in 19 countries and has partnerships with 3 more countries.

EUROPAN is a federation of contests for urban-architectural ideas, held simultaneously in order to achievements. It is organized in twenty European countries every two years, with a theme, a regulation and a common timing, and from urban concrete situations.


- Provide access to the mission for young European designers

- Promote ideas and concepts on the transformation of territories

- Assist communities in a spirit of research and experimentation on real sites

- Share these experiences through meetings and debates in Europe



Europan-Belgium is a non-profit association, member of Europan-Europe, financed and supported since 1991 by the Walloon Region.


We'll see you in January 2019 for a new Europan session : EUROPAN 15 !
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